High Quality European 18mm MDF melamine.

Our panels are manufactured on CNC machines with a 100mm pitch slots in portrait.

If you have a special requirement (i.e. special pitch, special finish/colour, landscape board, cutting requirement) or need, please contact a member of our Sales Team who will be happy to assist you.

PVC Colour Inserts - Cape Direct - Slatwall

PVC Colour Inserts

Regular price €11.00
Custom order Slatwall Panel - Cape Direct - Slatwall

Custom order Slatwall Panel

Regular price €0.00
Slatwall Flat End Cap - Cape Direct - Slatwall, slatwall accessory, slatwall edging, slatwall jointer, slatwall pvc profile, Slatwall Trim

Slatwall Flat End Cap

Regular price €9.75
PVC Mirror Inserts - Cape Direct - Slatwall

PVC Mirror Inserts

Regular price €13.50
Aluminium Inserts - Cape Direct - Slatwall

Aluminium Inserts

Regular price €24.00
4x4 Slatwall Panel - Cape Direct - best-seller, Slatwall

4x4 Slatwall Panel

Regular price €33.00
8x4 Slatwall - Cape Direct - Slatwall

8x4 Slatwall

Regular price €65.00